Setting Up A Team Member


Hi - I am going to be working with someone using Asana. She invited me as a Team Member - I accepted, but I can’t see any of her Projects or anything for that matter. I have added a workspace for her organization. What do we need to do so that the connection is made?


Did she create projects in the team? If you have teams, then you are part of an Organization, which is different from a Workspace.


She wants me to have access to all the projects she has already set up in her business. She thought I would just be able to see everything once she invited me as a Team Member. What creates the link?


An idea: maybe you should check with her that the projects she created are not private to her.
Because in a team, you can create “public” project (visible by all team members) or “private” projet (visible to project members only).


Thanks Julien - You know I just read that information and was wondering whether that is the case.