How to Merge Two Views/ Teams?


Does anyone else have multiple separate views of/ teams for all tasks? For me it’s getting too confusing and frustrating to have to switch back and forth, and I worry I’ll miss something. Is there any way to be able to see all my tasks, regardless of what team they belong to, in one single view? Is it possible to merge one with the other? Or just move the projects of one into the other? That’d make my life much easier.
Please let me know if this makes sense… Thank you for your help!



Are you using the MyTasks view?
MyTasks gather in one place all the tasks you have assigned to you, whatever the team of your organization they belong to.



That doesn’t seem to be the case.







This is the same view that I have. Tasks that are in my personal account stay in My Tasks in the personal account and tasks that are in my organization stay in My Task section in my team. I know there have recently been product feedback suggestions that you can vote on that would allow you to toggle between accounts more easily. You may want to look at the product feedback section or consider suggesting a feature that would integrate them. I know that one of the issues is task visibility by teammates. The way that Asana is structured it’s so teammates can see your My Task list to check bandwidth. They aren’t able to see any tasks from locked projects though. This may be why the integration is more difficult, because they would need to tag each task from each account as well as allowing the correct permissions by team members.


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Ok I understand now with the screenshots.

You’re member of:

  • an organization, composed of teams
  • another workspace

By “teams”, I thought you were talking about differrent teams within the same organization, but in fact it’s different.

Thus, you should have a look at the following topic and vote for it:



Thank you both @Katie_Reynolds and @Julien_RENAUD for helping @annam!

I would definitely recommend adding your vote to Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces, but I also wanted to mention that some third party tool allows you to see your My Tasks for different Organization/Workspace in one place:

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions!