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Hey, I’m a freelancer and I’ve worked with one team that’s used Asana for a while. A second one of my employers just migrated to Asana (congrats, you guys are popular!) But is there a way to see all my to-dos (personal plus the ones for each of my two teams) together? Right now I have to open a new tab to look at each Team’s dashboard, which makes it pretty unwieldy.

Welcome, @Nora_Bellot,

I’m afraid that’s all you can do natively, by design, for better or worse.

Some third-party apps address this. I think one is called Taco. You may learn more at Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana



@Nora_Bellot - I also wish it offered a combined view across all orgs/workspaces.

As an alternative, if it’s helpful…
My team has a tool called “”, built to help users create and complete tasks from anywhere.

Give us 2-3 weeks and we’ll build this as an feature for you. It’ll definitely take a few iterations to get it right and to improve on user feedback, but we’ll take care of it.

A few questions for what this unified view would need to look like:
We can show almost any information about a task, but the more info we show about each task, the slower the page will load.

  • To keep it crisp and fast, what info will be most essential for you to see about each task? (e.g. task name, due date, description, source project, dependencies, custom fields, etc.)
  • Assuming you have quite a few tasks across your different orgs/workspaces, what types of filtering would you need to see? If we allowed you to filter/group by due date and/or org/workspace, would that be sufficient? Because all the custom fields would always be different across orgs, it would be extremely complicated (i.e. slow-loading) to pull in a list view with custom fields from each workspace.
  • What else would you expect to see in a combined view?

Okay, thanks for the info. I’ll keep tracking my tasks in a spreadsheet like always—it feels like every time a company introduces a new productivity app it makes my life harder instead of easier.

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