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I currently use Asana both within my organization and in coordination with a vendor of ours who also uses the platform. While we are on multiple “projects” together, the two organizations remain segregated requiring any of the users to switch back and forth between multiple organization windows. Is there a way for us to get a unified view of all projects that we are members of so both my vendor and my team are able to see all the tasks in their own Asana window?

Thanks in advance for the help.

There currently isn’t a way to collaborate between orgs.

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As Bastien mentioned as of today there are no options to work cross-organization (yet—I guess :slight_smile: ).

How I would approach this is aligning with the vendor and:

  1. Agree on which organisation we prefer to collaborate on together
  2. Create a project (or more as needed) where we all add tasks related to our work together

If needed, you/your vendor can still paste task links from the other organization just for reference and to connect the dots. Far from ideal, but at least like this, you can still refer to related work.


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@Josh_Applebaum - While there is no native way to accomplish this yet (something I am begging Asana for)… there are a few different third-party tools that can help you accomplish this.
UPDATE: As far as I know, only Unito would meet your requirements, or get the closest.

Only tool I know of that can do this for you according to your specs:
Unito.io: This is my preferred tool – I’ve been using Unito for a couple years, and now I sync data across 60+ projects in 35 different Asana accounts back into my single master account. Here’s some more detail on what it does for me: Simplifying Oversight of 50 Asana Projects | Unito Case Study
Obviously, I’m a Unito fanboy, but this is not a paid promo. Just a super happy customer.

There are other tools that can accomplish a 2-way sync, but none that I use consistently.
TacoApp: this is an extremely minimalist approach, but might be enough for your needs. Setup is pretty easy and straightforward. I chose a different tool, however, because TacoApp is too sparse in the information it shares. (NOTE: I just re-read your specs, and TacoApp would not be able to accomplish this)
Skyvia: Advanced syncing and export capabilities – but a much more technical solution
Whalesync: this will be a possible solution once they release their Asana integration
zzBots offers a basic 2-way sync – still a very young tool and I haven’t tried it for syncing two different Asana accounts. I’ve only used it for syncing Asana w/ other apps.
Other apps can do it, like Zapier or Integromat, but building bi-directional syncing with either of those tools is a headache and a half.

Unito is my best recommendation.


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