The Future of Asana: Co-founder Justin Rosenstein shares our vision

About Zooming in and Zooming out mentioned at 08:10 here are the pending request just about that, some of them are the top voted.

-Ideas/Feedback to display subtasks - #68
-Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces
A better Dashboard for high level overview
Project Folders (sub-teams)
Collapse/Summary feature for sections
Having Collapsible Sections - #4
Indent / Collapse assigned subtasks from project-level task list (Already being done in Instagantt)

I love the idea of zoom in zoom out. It works just great. That’s why I love Workflowy/Dynalist and MyInfo. Unfortunately these are not collaborative software/service. Todoist sucks at its own UI.

IMHO, with the kind of drill-down like workflowy, you don’t need projects, sub task, team, division. Eventually they are just fancy name for a task.

Take workflowy and combine with Asana right pane comments/attachment pane. with improved permission (owner, editor, comment only) which can be inherited from the parent task to childs. that’s all. Then you can zoom in zoom out. manage tasks at different levels. using the same view. (List, timeline, board, etc)
User will have the right level they need to work on and focus on. Exactly what Mr. Rosenstein want to share.

Asana is great on search capability at the moment. with tags, customs fields, and all other fields.
But It’s still too loose. it has very thin structure to hold on pieces together. Projects and sections alone can not do that. 2 layers is just too flat.

Well, you get the idea.

Please, I think this is the first priority. not timeline. not AI. not google sync.

This is it. It will change a collaborative/ project management software, to a true content management software as Mr. Rosenstein is trying to present.