Collapse/Summary feature for sections

Hello everyone,

I find myself in a scenario that I have many sections inside a project, being possible to have different tasks due dates in different sections, and have to deal with them in a separate way.

My suggestion is to add a summary to each section, after its description, showing the number of tasks under that section, and also the number of tasks due/overdue. I suggest too the possibility of showing/hiding the tasks under one section, giving more meaning to the summary.

Would be great if it could be made a sum of certain types of custom fields too.

This would be great in organizing projects. Would help organize in certain situations that the sections are created for different persons in a project, and you could hide your coworker’s section.

My intention is to stop treating sections as if they were only tasks, and adding some more possibilities to them as a organizing tool.


Hi @Karim_Scofield Karim,

Welcome to the community.

I completely see were you are coming from.

The “problem” your are trying to solve is somewhat similar to what is being discussed here:Creating a Reference Project in Asana - #11 by Peter_Skjoldager and other places.

But your addition is really great.

What do you think of the ideas i present here:A better Dashboard for high level overview


I’m a big fan of sections as well, and find myself using them far more than sub-tasks when it comes to the organization of my thoughts and tasks.

I would also love the ability to collapse sections and still see a preview of the tasks within that section like the number of incomplete tasks.


Hello @Peter_Skjoldager, thank you for your contribution to this topic.

I think our objectives within Asana is the same, but in my case I’m not using the Dashboard feature in any situation, maybe because it is really lacking some more customizations, as your thread discuss about. Would really enjoy to try if your suggestions could be implemented as well.

I have a really fast flow of activities, and hava many of them active at the same time, so my actual problem is really just the organization of them, as well as a better visibility of the big scenario.


I’d also be happy with the collapse feature, I may add that it would be really nice to see that section’s summary on the rightmost panel when one click the sections from some task list.
So, that way we would be keeping the aggregate data apart. (Like summation of custom numerical fields, total number of task etc)


I’d like to see a collapse feature for the description area. I have a client who LOVES to write ~2 pages worth of text in the description so they can “summarize” the project task and reference it to other tasks. This makes it very hard to scroll down to the communication area. I’d like to see perhaps a summary box or a TLDR section for the description.

Thank you!


Just wanted to post to say that collapsable sections/labels would be great so that I can focus my attention and screen space on the tasks that I want to work on during a given window of my day.


I suggest to collapse the header into the topbar. The current collapse function only saves a little space and you could double that.

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It could be great if you’re able to collapse groups of tasks for a cleaner experience.
Everything under a “:” is grouped.
Same thing you do with Teams.


I was just discussing this with one of my teammates. Each of our projects has dozens of sections, with perhaps dozens of tasks within each section. The ability to collapse the tasks (and sections) would really help clean up the view from a project manager’s standpoint. We’d really love to see that feature!


Another idea that could be useful for projects with dozens of sections is being able to fullscreen a given section.
So that way one could focus on a specific section without distraction.


@Alexis - Would you be willing to comment on this highly requested feature? Thank you.

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Hi @James_Leo! I appreciate your concern here. I’m unable to provide updates on specific feature requests. I recommend you visit this thread for details on how we build our product roadmap - **Read me first** How you can give feedback and what we do next

Also commenting as this feature is a must for us. We have a project with about 600 tasks, we need the reporting features and other external features that come with keeping all these tasks in a single project so collapsable section headers would make a big difference.

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Given the restriction of Timeline only being able to be linked to a single project I am being forced to manage my entire organisation within a single project when it would probably be more ideally split into functional divisions. Therefore a section collapse feature would be highly desirable :slight_smile:

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@Gina_Wilson lol. “Summarize”. Thanks so much client. I feel for you.

Yes PLEASE!!! I’m the sort the with disorganized mind It’s very distracting when you have an endless list of tasks, broken into sections and have to look at all of them. Really hard to focus. Please asana. This is one thing that made WRIKE superior. I didn’t go with them because they have their pricing is unreasonable. I absolutely need this. I don’t know why it’s not standard in every section, since it’s possible in the “My Task” View


Please! This was one of my first wishes for Asana! List view is so powerful, this would only up the ante!

Sections would be sooooo helpful. Please implement

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Indeed that would be good! I am pretty sure it has been asked already, someone from the moderation team will merge the threads.

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