"COLLAPSE (or re-expand) ALL SECTIONS" button needed

I prefer to look at one section at a time. Please make a button that will collapse all sections so that I can open them up one at a time?



It amazed me this wasn’t a feature already. I’ve got hundreds of tasks across dozens of projects and I find myself having to collapse one section at a time to be able to browse through my projects and tasks.

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Here is bookmarklet which collapses all sections via JavaScript

javascript:(function () { document.querySelectorAll('.TaskGroupHeader-toggleButton .DownTriangleIcon').forEach(function (e) { e.dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent('click', { bubbles: true, cancelable: true })) }); }) ()


+1 for this feature. It’s probably not a huge effort for a dev team, but a huge benefit for UX. Please add this button next to ‘filter’ and ‘sort’ in the top right area.


In my team’s Asana project the list view has a lot of sections.

This makes the view of everything very unwieldy. Which for a project manager is tough to deal with.

Could we add a button that says “collapse all sections” so that it’s easy to close all the sections with one click?


Thanks for taking the time to share this feedback with us @anon78912677!

We have an existing request for this feature. I’ve gone ahead and merge your thread with COLLAPSE ALL SECTIONS” button needed to avoid duplicates. I hope you don’t mind!

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Yes please! Let’s add exactly this.

I made a JavaScript bookmarklet to use until this feature is implemented:

javascript:(function() { var headers = document.getElementsByClassName('TaskGroup--withHeader TaskGroup--withSpreadsheetGridEnabled TaskGroup'); var buttons = document.getElementsByClassName('TaskGroupHeader-toggleButton'); for (var h = 0; h < headers.length; h++) { if (headers[h].children.length == 2) { buttons[h].click(); } } })();

How to use: Create a bookmark and add that code snippet as the URL. Then simply click the bookmark button when you’re on the List page.


Thanks Tony! nice one.

Is there any idea when this will be incorporated into Anana & mobile App? Thanks.

It is very frustrating to collapse each time the less important section . Would like to collapse all and better to save my selection for next time

I really need this too.

That is awesome.

We need the ability to minimise all sections at once in list view so that we can choose which section to open and check on quickly. So, wat is a 2 minutes job for me takes 10 minutes because I’ve to minimise each section every time

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I was at a meeting with team of 6 members in conference room. So, I need to pause my presentation and wait in front of all until I minimise all sections. And, once I refresh, again all sections expand. This is inconvenient on a daily basis

@Adamya you might consider using Custom Fields instead of Sections.

I get the appeal of Sections sometimes so if you feel they are necessary, I would suggest a quick workaround:

  1. Create a Custom Field called “Section” and make it of the drop down type.
  2. List each section as a selectable option.
  3. Once configured, using bulk select, match the section a task is in with the same drop down selection.
  4. You can even build a Rule to make these assignments as new tasks are added to the project.

Now, you can just simply filter to the preferred drop down within the Custom Field called “Section” and this will essentially collapse all the other Sections.

I believe this is an existing request, @Emily_Roman or @Marie will merge them. To elaborate on @LEGGO answer, you might to have a look at Visual sections: why and when using a custom field is better than a section

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Thanks for your feedback @Adamya! I’ve gone ahead and merged these posts with the main thread to consolidate feedback. We’ll post any updates in the main thread!

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Sorry, but I’m losing it on this. Please make a button at the top to minimise all sections at a time. We need it so so much urgently. It’s killing our work time without that button. It’s just a button to make asana app user friendly, it s the moossst needed feature


And this is not even a feature. It’s something wrongfully designed and missing. Without this, we are catching fish without any nets. It takes some really horrible time in the morning to collapse section.
Wats more worse is that every time browser refreshes, all sections get expanded again. It’s a real pain

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