Project section Collapse all button

I’d love to be able to collapse all the sections in my projects with one click. this would give me a quick clear overview when I’m trying to locate a task.
LastPass have this function

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Hi @anon37028345,

You can use the little arrow next to your section to collapse tasks (see screenshot below). As it stands it is not possible to save this with your view, so if you haven’t yet I would recommend upvoting Keep collapsed sections collapsed when saved under "Save layout as default".

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Marie!
I think this would potentially solve for it although I think the LastPass function provides more flexibility to collapse or unfold efficiently at the touch of a button rather than refreshing the page to get back to collapse.

I have voted for the view though!:+1:



I would like to hit on Carly’s keyword “ALL” here.

Currently you have to go through and manually collapse the sections one by one with the arrow. I would like to have a button that collapses ALL sections with one-click in List view to make it easier to navigate in meeting projects that may have 20+ sections in them.


A partial or workaround solution now exists (so I’ve updated from Marie’s earlier post here):

Not a complete solution for you. @Cally_McIntyre, but maybe it helps.


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Hi @anon37028345 and @Cally_McIntyre , I’d recommend checking out and upvoting this feedback as well :slight_smile:

Update in July 2022: I created a bookmarklet: Introduction to Asana bookmarklets


I agree that this feature is needed. If it can be similar to Quickbooks Online P&Ls where there is an Expand & Collapse feature that allows you to see the sub-classes, or in this case tasks under a section, it would be really useful. This way we can

  1. Click a button to quickly expand or collapse all sections
  2. Expand each section in collapsed mode as needed.
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Yes, please - this is critical to keeping our views clear and manageable. We have “Sections” that have monthly entries (calendar months) and I complete a section (which is a year) and I cannot minimize - I must continue to minimize to simply see the current years section. I do not want to “close” the entire section" only minimize and keep that section minimized. Is there anything on the horizon for this as I see this topic is going on it’s 4th year. Thanks for reading.

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Any suggestions on best practices for this? The longer a project goes, the more parts of it I don’t need to see! I like the “last pass” idea that is above, where it would leave it collapsed or not based on the last time I was in the project. Wondering what experienced users do for the later parts of big projects - seems like too much time scrolling past finished work!

I also need this feature, I provide a trick with some idea from javascript.

Use Chrome:

  1. open asana page
  2. press F12 to open the console
  3. scrolling down the tasks page for fetching all tasks manually. (press page down button or use mouse wheel)
  4. type “allow pasting” if you want to paste javascript code, or type the code manually:

It will select all the tasks group’s triangle icon (TasksGroupHeader-toggleButton), then press it one by one (like toggle the buttons).

p.s. The code will “Expand” the tasks group if it was “Collapsed”. need more code for make it better though.