Keep collapsed sections collapsed when saved under "Save layout as default"

Absolutely frustrating that collapsed sections refreshed in an expanded view.
How many votes need to be received on a topic to merit action?




I’m trying to introduce Asana in my company department.
It will be really hard to get my co-workers to use Asana if List View doesn’t have a feature that collapses sections in one go. :roll_eyes:
Please! +1 :blush:

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It’s now 2021. The original post/request was back in 2019. I am hoping Asana team has some good news about this possible feature? It would really help improve process efficiencies amongst my team if we have control of saving our default layout so that all sections remain collapsed upon reload/return to a project page. Thank you.


They should at least give us an answer. If the answer is no, or not for the foreseeable future, that would be good to know. Not addressing it at all is really disrespectful.


Hello fellow frustrated Asana inhabitants,

My company has reached out to a developer to build a workaround for this problem. If you are interested in going in on this with us & splitting the bill, feel free to message me by the end of the week.

This “bug” has been very annoying for me and my team too. We have many sections and many tasks, and it is not efficient to close every section or scroll that far down every time we enter a project. I really hope Asana does something about this so it looks cleaner and save us some frustration.


As a newer user, my team is pretty disappointed this is not a built in feature already. We’re generally also disappointed to see requests like these sitting around for so long without any response from Asana or implementation or anything. Does not make us want to transition to purchasing a higher tier of service.


This feature would be incredibly helpful!!


Also would like to see this - team is using sections as the “Feature” and the tasks as “Stories”. Sometimes we have 15 to 20 stories per Feature so its alot of scrolling and makes seeing the whole difficult if not collapsed.

Hi everyone and thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us. I’m delighted to announce that our team shipped this feature yesterday! Going forward the “Save layout as default” feature will automatically keep any collapsed section collapsed :tada:



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Phew…we’re in the middle of developing an extension to give users a lot of the functionality the Asana dev team hasn’t had time to address and this was one that we knew was going to be tricky to provide stored-states and avoiding data-storage concerns without storing things locally. :pray:

Yay!! Thank you!

Very exciting news!!!

@Marie I am noticing that this doesn’t apply to Portfolios currently. Is that a later rollout?

This is currently working for Project and will also be supported in the new My Tasks. Portfolios would require a separate and specific update :slight_smile:

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I notice that if we keep our projects sorted by a custom task (in list view), if we collapse a ‘section’ (ie custom field section), this default view isn’t saved when saving the layout as default. Can we have this functionality please.

Similar (but different to: Keep collapsed sections collapsed when saved under "Save layout as default" )

Hi @Tim_Jasper, thanks for taking the time to give this feedback! :clap:t2:

As this is similar feedback to thread you have kindly linked, I’ve gone ahead and merged the threads together to keep all feedback consolidated :slight_smile: