Choose Sections to Automatically Open Minimized

Hey, I’m a Product Manager in my organization and I find this problem that keeps bothering us.
We manage a large backlog of tasks in certain projects for future updates of our products, and I would very much prefer it if I could set sections of my choosing in a given project to be automatically minimized when I open the project.

Hi @Itamar_Shai , welcome to the forum :smiley:

What you are looking for can be easily achieved in Asana! Simply collapse or expand your sections in your list view as you like and then click on the ‘Save layout as default’ from the … menu in the top right corner.


Then the next time anyone loads the project, your sections will be expanded or collapsed as you set them. You can reload your browser window to test it (or if in the desktop app, leave the project and come back to it).

:bulb: The same applies to any sorts or filters - to save them as you set them, use the same ‘Save layout as default’ button.


What if you don’t have “Save layout as default” option?

Capture - Asana

Welcome, @Jem. Click that icon with the blue dot! It has moved.


I just saw that. Facepalm moment!

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:slight_smile: I can confirm you’re not the first to be tripped up by this. And we have all been there . . . with plenty similar . . . and far worse!

Hi there, this doesn’t exist anymore. Do you know if there’s a way to save the layout as default still? I can’t see the save button anywhere.
Thank you

Welcome, @Tatiana_Perez,

The appearance of the feature has changed and now works as shown in this animated gif:

So expand/collapse sections or set filters, sorts, etc., and then the Save view button will appear; click it to save for everyone.



Thanks @lpb
Unfortunately, this doesn’t save the expanded tasks so I can see all subtasks on the List view. Or am I missing something here?
Thanks again.

That’s correct, @Tatiana_Perez. This topic is about saving the collapsed/expanded state of Sections, not Tasks.

I’m afraid the only way to keep the expansion state of individual tasks is to keep the browser tab/window open.



thanks @lpb , such a shame.
Do you know if Asana is working on this or has plans to?
Thanks again

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It’s hard to know.

Topics are updated when there’s any new, relevant information to share. Note that Asana typically does not publish a roadmap or comment on unreleased features.



Thank you for your reply.

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Hi @Tatiana_Perez (and others), you may be interested in which is a great 3rd party plugin that can expand all tasks to show all subtasks in List view, at once. It can also do a whole lot more!

Refer to this:

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