I'd like the ability to collapse sections in the list view...

We use the list view with multiple sections to manage our product backlog. We have roughly 125 tasks broken out across 5 sections on the board.

It would be super helpful if I were able to collapse a section down to the title and hide the tasks underneath it so that I could more easily drag and drop tasks from one section to another whilst skipping over the collapsed section.

I second this :slight_smile: This would also be useful in the project timeline view, where it can sometimes lag while trying to load everything

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This is coming with the migration to support board/list view switching! The wait is almost over.


That’s great! Any info on when to expect that?

Domain migrations are happening now, and will continue rolling out over the coming months.

So “the wait is almost over” = “but it’s still months away”

Got it.

It would be extremely helpful to be able to minimize/maximize sections within projects to allow for faster navigation. This would be useful in a number of cases:

  1. If tasks are categorized under sections associated with different team members (allowing people to minimize sections that don’t apply to them)

  2. If a link to a section navigated users to the section’s location within a project (as it does now) but with only the linked section maximized

  3. If minimized/maximized section settings could be saved in default views (for example, to minimized “Additional Details” or “Template Tasks” sections by default)

This feature would also pair extremely well with more robust sorting features (ex: sorting within sections or by sections) outlined in detail in other posts.


Hi @Lindsay_Peets,

Thanks for sharing your feature request with us!

Another thread with the same request was started a few days ago, so I merged your topic with this one to allow us to keep track of this request.

If you have the time, please give your vote here too. Thanks!

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Hi everybody! :wave:t5:

I’m closing this thread since is now possible to collapse Sections in the List view!
You can learn more about this feature in the following Guide article: Create & add sections in Asana | Product guide • Asana

I hope you enjoy it! Have a nice Monday!