Collapsing Sections

Hi there, i’m relatively new to Asana and by no means am i using it to it’s full advantage!

I wondered if there is a way of collapsing sections so I don’t have to scroll through every task under each section when i’m trying to find a particular section please?


Yes there is! Every collapsible section (e.g. Project List or My Tasks) should have a triangle at its left. Just click on that. image

Hi Stephanie
Thank you for your reply. I’ve been doing that but can’t seem to save the view so they always appear collapsed…is that possible?

For years it wasn’t, but very recently they pushed an update which should allow this: Keep collapsed sections collapsed when saved under "Save layout as default" - #120 by Mitchel_Beneke

If you’re not seeing this feature, it’s either that it isn’t quite rolled out to you yet (they roll out features over a period of time), or you need to quit and relaunch.


Thanks again Stephanie ;)) fingers crossed we get it soon!
Have a lovely weekend x

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