I prefer to look at one section at a time. Please make a button that will collapse all sections so that I can open them up one at a time?


It amazed me this wasn’t a feature already. I’ve got hundreds of tasks across dozens of projects and I find myself having to collapse one section at a time to be able to browse through my projects and tasks.

Here is bookmarklet which collapses all sections via JavaScript

javascript:(function () { document.querySelectorAll('.TaskGroupHeader-toggleButton .DownTriangleIcon').forEach(function (e) { e.dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent('click', { bubbles: true, cancelable: true })) }); }) ()


+1 for this feature. It’s probably not a huge effort for a dev team, but a huge benefit for UX. Please add this button next to ‘filter’ and ‘sort’ in the top right area.

In my team’s Asana project the list view has a lot of sections.

This makes the view of everything very unwieldy. Which for a project manager is tough to deal with.

Could we add a button that says “collapse all sections” so that it’s easy to close all the sections with one click?

Thanks for taking the time to share this feedback with us @m1ket!

We have an existing request for this feature. I’ve gone ahead and merge your thread with COLLAPSE ALL SECTIONS” button needed to avoid duplicates. I hope you don’t mind!

Yes please! Let’s add exactly this.

I made a JavaScript bookmarklet to use until this feature is implemented:

javascript:(function() { var headers = document.getElementsByClassName('TaskGroup--withHeader TaskGroup--withSpreadsheetGridEnabled TaskGroup'); var buttons = document.getElementsByClassName('TaskGroupHeader-toggleButton'); for (var h = 0; h < headers.length; h++) { if (headers[h].children.length == 2) { buttons[h].click(); } } })();

How to use: Create a bookmark and add that code snippet as the URL. Then simply click the bookmark button when you’re on the List page.

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Thanks Tony! nice one.

Is there any idea when this will be incorporated into Anana & mobile App? Thanks.

It is very frustrating to collapse each time the less important section . Would like to collapse all and better to save my selection for next time

I really need this too.

That is awesome.