Expand/Collapse All Sections and Task Count

Need to be able to expand all or collapse all sections on the ‘List’ view.

Related, need a visual cue for which sections have tasks or how many tasks. like Section Name (10) for 10 tasks where the (10) is smaller and greyer so as not to be confused with the section name.

We have a 10 section board and to see how many tasks are in each section (or in our use-case IF there are tasks in a particular section, you have to open each individually and close them which is very time consuming.

yes, we can use the other views to see the tasks, but would like for the list view to have this function too.

Hi @Barry_Cox, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

We already have two threads related these topics. I suggest you to upvote for these features on each specific thread to consolidate feedback: