Show number of underlying tasks in Board columns



We use Asana boards for workflow to faster move task focus and completion along - New in, Back log, In progress, Review / Feedback, Done. A very small, but helpful thing would be to see (next to the column’s name, for example) how many underlying, uncompleted tasks there are in a column row. It’s an easy way to see the workload in every step of the workflow (e.g. Back log - 71 tasks, In progress - 7 tasks). It would not only enable all team members to better gauge the workload in each workflow status, but also enable them to see directly if WIP (Work In Progress) limits are met / being respected.


I too would find a task count feature for each column useful.


Yeah I’d really like to do this. Currently I’ve had to use the API and serverless functions to query the api and count based on board column. Also using a serverless function to insert better “task ids” but thats another issue. Please add board column task counts :slight_smile: