Show number of underlying tasks in Board columns

This seems to be such an oversight by Asana. A product designed for task efficiency has no way to tell you efficiently how many tasks you have other than to manually count them???

Another vote for this feature!


Hello. Any updates on possibly implementing this?

Another upvote for this as it’d be very helpful for my team’s sprint planning sessions

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Is there any update on adding this. The mockup added by @jonathan_stern is perfect.

Must have number of tasks per column!

As others said, this is a critical feature and information for Kanban processes. If this doesn’t change we will need to switch to JIRA, where this feature is implemented. Is this feature planned for development @Emily_Roman ?


I agree with everyone here, this is a MUST have feature. Even free project trackers (like Trello) have this option. Please add this, it has been requested for two years now.

Fwiw, I was able to find a workaround, perhaps it could work for you too:)

Within the project board, I clicked on the Dashboard tab >> Add Chart and was able to make a graph of the number of tasks in my Done section. Afterwards, when i look at the graph i can see a count. Hope that helps!

This post is is wrong and misleading. The requested feature is still not available in Asana.

I’m surprised that this isn’t something within Asana. I thought that perhaps I was “doing something wrong” based on the posts from earlier, but it in fact doesn’t show up on the new list view OR the board view for me (even after enabling stuff in my settings). Thank you to Ediaz for the suggestion as that will work for me for now, but this seems like this would improve the lives of a lot of people.

Hi Joe, I have been struggling to get such a report out of the API; would you be willing to share the code?

Hi there,
in the board view it would be SUPER helpful to have a little number on top of the section that counts how many task are in that section (full or filtered).

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I have found an existing feedback thread that I recommend upvoting: Show number of underlying tasks in Board columns

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This would be really useful for us too as we use asana for Kanban.

Any reason this thread has been active for 4 years without it being implemented? I could really use this.