How do I count tasks in Asana?

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I’m struggling to find a way to properly count the tasks in Asana, across the boards. I hope you will be able to help me :wink:

  1. How to count all tasks across all boards?
  2. How to count only the active ones across all boards?
  3. How to count the total number per board?
  4. How to count the total number of active-only tasks per board?

I found and used this: Get task count of a project , but it seems to answer just the 1 point.

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Welcome, @jacekwizmur,

If you have any paid Asana plan you can use Reporting (in left sidebar) to create a Dashboard with two Number charts like this to cover 2 (as shown) and 1 (just don’t use the filter):

You can similarly create two charts per project for 3 and 4, just by specifying the project name instead of the entire organization. These 3 and 4 charts can also be created within each project’s Dashboard tab similarly.

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Thank you @lpb !

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How can we quickly count the number of tasks in a project if we do not have a paid account?

@Mariah_McKay, Click the first task, then shift-click the last task. The footer toolbar will indicate the number of selections.

Just make sure you then click the “X” at the far right to deselect to avoid taking any untoward action on all tasks.

Also, if you have a filter applied (like Incomplete) then you’ll only be counting those filtered tasks.