List of sub tasks per task

i want a task list with their corresponding sub task in one report. how do i do this?

Hi Stuart! Subtask count is not available at this time. We currently have a #productfeedback thread on this subject, however. Feel free to vote on the feature there :slight_smile: I’ll go ahead and merge your thread with the existing one.

how do I get a list of sub tasks?

Hi Stuart,
I recommend conducting an advanced search for subtasks.

Just visit the search bar, select add filter, more, and subtask. I recommend specifying who the task is assigned to and/or which project or team the subtasks should belong to when you’re creating your search.

If you’re looking for a report of a project’s tasks with each task’s subtasks (and description and a couple other things):

  • Click Project Actions (the down arrow next to the project name in the header)
  • Click Export/Print >
  • Click Print…

You can send this to PDF or the printer.

It’s similar for My Tasks: Just chose “Print…” from the similar Actions menu.

Although static and not in Asana itself, this “view” is unique in that it permits you to see all tasks’ subtasks at a glance; Asana’s interface generally only lets you see one task’s subtasks at a time.

Thank you, Alexis. this might work.