Task lists in the the report section

Hello Asana community,

What I’m trying to achieve is: find the list with all upcoming project tasks, including all level of subtasks(!), sorted on due date.
I am able to find these for the bigger projects. I can go to their reports, then go to the graph with upcoming tasks and click on the +number. This will show me a full list of all the upcoming tasks for all the project members.
But when I’m working on a small project this +number is nowhere to be found and I can only select specific team members. This will result in a list of tasks for that member only.

Does anyone know how I can easily get to the full tasklist?

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It seems this might help:

In regards to your comment about the +number a screenshot would help (blur confidential info)

Let me know if that helps or in case you are trying to achieve something else :slight_smile:

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When viewing the task list of other team members, the fields are not the same as what they see? Is there a way of viewing task list fields as they do?

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I am not quite sure if I understand exactly what you are looking for. Can you please elaborate?
Do you refer to tasks showing in My Tasks and the custom fields?
Screenshots might be helpful too (blur confidential info)

Sadly this is not what I’m looking for.

As seen in the screenshot im filtering all the upcoming tasks in 1 team. You can see the +6 more in the bottom right corner. By clicking there it would show me a full list with upcoming tasks (filtered on the next 2 weeks).

Tho as seen on the second screenshot (project filter instead of teams filter), there’s no +number link te be found so I cannot open a list with all the combined tasks. Only team member specific lists.

Thanks again and happy new year :partying_face: