How do you see what was last working on in a project?

My team has 150+ projects in Asana. We only actively work on about 50 of these at time and touch maybe 10 projects per week. I am the only Project Manager. Is there view in Asana to see what tasks were last updated and when that happened across multiple Portfolios?

Welcome, @Libby_Wharton,

You can use Search box > Advanced Search > Add filter > Dates > Modification date > and choose your parameter, submit then see results sorted by last modified date.

You can also further limit the search to certain portfolios, etc., using other search parameters.



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Managing 150+ projects in Asana can be overwhelming, especially solo. While Asana lacks a dedicated feature to track task updates across portfolios, consider utilizing the “Activity” section within each project for recent changes. Additionally, employing custom fields or tags can help mark and monitor the last updates efficiently. It’s a workaround, but with strategic labeling, you can maintain visibility and streamline your project management efforts.

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