View all projects at once

Hey guys - I feel like I hit a major snag here. I have about 25 projects now, and I need to be able to see the current status of each one in one view so I can get a quick sense of where projects are.

The Calendar feature doesnt work, and I dont see any way to do this. I can’t believe Asana didnt’ build this, as it’s a super obvious feature… See status of all projects in a glance.

I saw the suggestion to add every task on every project to a master project, but that’s so much work, and a bad work around.

This might be the end of Asana for me if I can’t achieve this goal for my boss… please let me know if I’m missing anything.

Portfolios! I was able to address a similar problem for myself. It has been a game changer for the 3 managers I am in charge of. Its a great high level view and you have the opportuniity to have the status update plus custom fields.

Its the perfect 30k view that you can also dive into a project and zoom down to an individual task level if need be. It is a paid feature though so not sure if you are on a business plan or not, but based on your question I think Portfolios is exactly what you need.


Hi @Mike_Townsend, thanks for reaching out!

@Sam_Kelly is absolutely right, we currently offer the Portfolios feature. I recommend you checking our Guide article and let us know if you have follow up questions!

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You could also check out my tool in which I could add status…

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Hey Mike! We developed a tool called Bridge24 for Asana just for that purpose. We have a great Report Engine to generate multi-project reports with multi-grouping and subtotals. Come take a look.

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