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Hello! I was just hired on with my team about 2 months ago as Project Manager and I am going to be rolling out Asana to them over the course of the next couple months!

One of the big things that my organization is looking for with this system is to be able to view/have a snapshot of EVERYTHING that is going on within the organization, project-wise. I know how to view team workloads and individual workloads, but what I’m wondering is, can Asana create a master calendar of ALL projects across ALL teams.

We have 6 teams within our organization in Asana. Is there a master/organization calendar that can be created, so that our organization can view projects from all 6 teams? We’re really looking to take note of our annual work rhythms and want to be able to see project overlap. For example, the calendar might show that May is a slow month across the organization, while October is a busy month. And we want that to be viewable on one calendar.

Any tips or tricks you might have are appreciated, thank you!

Hi @Bekah_Davis


  • You can see timeline which will give you that forward looking view of projects over time.
  • As you mentioned, you see your workload as well
  • Use multiple portfolios to see different project groups (sales, marketing, etc.) as projects can belong to multiple portfolios.

You can create a project with default view Calendar and then share Milestones into that calendar. (all tasks will be too much)

Universal Reporting
You can create a dashboard for all your work, then different charts to bring forward metics you want to see regarding that work. Such as Total number of tasks across your org, task number by team, task number by assignee, etc.


Welcome, @Bekah_Davis,

To clarify:

  • Are you most interested in the view being a Calendar view or a Timeline view
  • Do you want to see Projects or Tasks occupying the cells of the above view?

Depending on your answers, different solutions would be recommended.



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I’m leaning towards a Timeline view - primarily because we want to be able to see the overlap of different projects we have going on across the organization.

And yes, we want to see projects. Tasks would be too much.

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Then portfolio timeline view, as mentioned, where you manually add projects found in all teams sounds like the way to go; there’s no way that Asana can do that automatically by team as you request.


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