Calendar View Showing Project Date Ranges

I’m looking for a way to view “projects” from across multiple teams in a single calendar view. I’m not concerned with tasks in those projects (but would be great to add or remove that from this calendar view as desired). I want to see when certain projects are active from different teams to better plan for a new project to be added.

For example, Project A on Team 123 is scheduled to run 1/1-1/31. Project B on Team 456 is scheduled to run 1/15-2/15. Team 123 wants to add in a Project C, but we don’t know when the best time would be to do that without jumping around to other teams and checking when those projects are active. If there was a calendar view that crossed Teams and displayed Project date ranges (with the option to also display tasks, milestones or not), that would be wonderful! Would love feedback, and open to explaining more what I mean. Thanks!

Hi @molly2786

Check this out.


Hope this helps.

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