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My department (communications team for a nonprofit) is looking to visualize our yearly projects so we can look at a regular calendar view and understand what’s coming up the next month. We’d like this to include all of the projects we’ve added to our team in Asana, as well as potentially projects from another team (our social team) so we can see big content projects, email outreach, and social outreach all in one place.

I’ve only been able to show part of this using the Portfolios feature but the yearly calendar shows up as a Gantt chart which my supervisors find confusing. They’d prefer to see a regular monthly calendar with dates. Does anyone have any workarounds for showing this for a full roll up of projects (not just one project which I know you can do!)?

Thanks so much for any and all insights!



Since you already have all projects in the same team (minus that one potential project), just click on the team name in the left sidebar, then click on the Calendar tab: That’s a calendar rolling up all projects in the team.

You may want to create another team if you have more projects in that team that you don’t want those reflected in the calendar. And potentially move that other project into the “calendar” team if feasible/desirable.


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Thanks so much for the speedy response - that shows all the tasks under each project though right, not just the dates that the projects themselves start and end?

They’re looking for a super simple roll up of projects without all the detailed tasks beneath them.

You’re absolutely right, @Erin_Nylen; sorry about that.

The only way, now, for you to get a calendar view as you describe would be to do so with the calendar view of a single project into which you place just those tasks that you want to appear.

So while they’re tasks in Asana, each actually represents a project. Then the calendar view shows “projects.”

If you were to burden each existing project with one extra Milestone task showing that project’s start and end, you could multi-home each of those into your new “master” project and perhaps make it easier to keep those dates accurate since they would also live in each actual project.

Hope that makes sense.



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