How to View ALL Projects in Asana

Hello! I’ve started building out our projects in Asana. But I’ve come across a snag. I can’t seem to view ALL projects at once. How do I do this? We will quickly have over 20 projects to keep track of.


Hi @Ashley_Durrer

If you mean for your whole organisation then outside of Portfolio which is part of the business tier, I don’t think it is possible.

Each Team has a Home Page which list all the projects in that team.

Does that help?


Hi Jason,

This does help! We plan to upgrade and use portfolio, which I believe will be a useful tool since we will have a number of projects.

I did some further digging, and perhaps further dividing projects by teams will assist in the overall projects view. I noticed you can see more projects if you are looking within a team.

New Pro tip. :joy::blush:


Hey Ashley,

I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for. But you can see all the tasks (that you have permissions to view) within your organization at once by clicking “show more” under favourites then selecting “all items”


Glad I could help @Ashley_Durrer

There a some very good guide articles on team setup and also portfolios.

There is also lots of post in the community re team setup so search away and I am sure you will find many more Pro Tips…


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The only way to view all projects at once would be to make every project a Favorite… however that defeats the purpose of singling out favorites. It would give you a list on the left-hand side which you can reorder how you wish, no matter which Team they belong to.

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yes, this does show all tasks and all project names in a parallel list. I suppose there could be a way to filter this view with the premium version.

You can use my tool iDO Tools - Improve Asana with our tools and automations but that is still something outside of Asana…


I will check it out!! Thank You!

This is great. Thanks for mentioning this!

Too bad it’s hidden…

Your response makes it out to be user error in trying to use favorites to see all projects. Having favorites is a great way to pare down the list of everything. I’ve never seen another piece of software that doesn’t give the option to view everything.


I think what’s not admitted here is that there’s bad UX design currently here, making it not intuitive. There should be a way to simply view all your projects (that you created, or have access to) just as simple as displaying your favorites. As it is, you have to go to the team and drop down to see all projects there.


1,000% agree!

This is the dumbest UX experience I’ve ever had with an online platform.

I have a paid subscription to Asana, but there’s no obvious way to see all the projects that I have created in my Asana profile…that I’ve paid for.


An odd solution to such a basic function…

Many of the changes to the dashboard are horrible. Currently, I have a team with 150 projects and growing. Clicking on the team in the dashboard displays 11 projects. It used to display ALL of them in 3 columns and I could simply scroll down the list to find what project I needed to work in. Now it displays 11 projects in 1 column. I have to click “show more” 14 times to make all of them visible in 1 long list. Getting ready to find an alternative product.


@Eric_W_Ormsby1 a simple saved search would allow you to scroll through the list of projects without clicking on anything.

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