How can i add number of ticket in columns

i want to know how much tickets i have in the same column

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Hi @roy1,
Do you have access to the Advanced Search?

If you do, one way I can think of is to do a search for that project and the particular column:

Also go into your profile settings to the Display tab and enable “Show task row numbers”:

You’ll then get a numbered list with the tasks in that column:

Hope that helps.


hi no this is not the issue
we want to add a counter of how many tickets you have in the same column

Hi @roy1, I get what you’re saying. Asana doesn’t have any numbers built in like that so they’d need to develop it. I was trying to offer a solution or workaround given I’d interpreted your post as a question.

I hadn’t initially noticed this was posted in Product Feedback. I’d suggest reposting it and wording the post more as a feature request so people better understand it’s something you’re trying to garner support for and they can vote on it. You could edit this post, but given it was marked as answered, people may not read it as a feature to vote on.

I hope that helps, sorry for any confusion.

This would be very helpful!