Can Asana show specific # of daily tasks?


I often create a custom search for incomplete tasks assigned to me that are due today. When I’d click on that saved search, near the top left of the screen, Asana would let me know the # of tasks. It would say “Tasks (22)” or “Tasks (48)” etc. Whatever the number was for that day. Now it just says “Tasks (25+)” when the daily task list is over 25.

My question is can I change that setting somehow? I’d like to know the specific # of daily tasks, the way it used to display that.


Hello @Todd_Turcotte, as far as I have noticed it always showed the correct number below 25 and then it displayed 25+ for saved searches.

Now for normal projects not sure if you are aware about the setting to show task row numbers

Also here is a feedback request thread that might be interesting for you.

Now another thing you could do is utilize dashboard and reports to set up specific graphs.

Thanks! The task row numbers is helpful.

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