Count of tasks completed today is missing in new 'My Tasks' layout

The count of tasks completed today has been replaced with an ‘Add task’ button instead. I can see how this is useful for new users. But perhaps we could still have the count of tasks completed to the right of the button or something as a ‘hack’ feature?

I found the count to be motivating, and it’s sad that it’s gone!

I definitely see the value of this quick reference and agree it would make for a nice hack or user preference. You have my upvote!

For the time being, you are aware that you can accomplish the same through advanced search if you use the “completion date” filter, correct? I like to save this as a Report that can be accessed with just one click. :computer_mouse:

The guide reads: Completion Date - use the Completion Date field to find all tasks completed in the last X days

Knowing the quantity of :heavy_check_mark: completed tasks is nice but I also like to see WHAT has been done as the effort of each task differs.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Niel_Bowerman! I’ve made a note for our product team so they can consider this feature in future updates!


Great, thanks Emily.

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Seconded! I loved this feature becaus it usually motivates me and it’s quite rewarding after a long day to see how many tasks you’ve smashed!

Please please please can you get it bak? I don’t want to have to search to see it

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I liked this function quite well because it really motivated me.
Wish the asana team could bring it back badly :sob: :sob: