How to get a list of tasks completed today?

Hello, in a previous iteration of Asana, I used to be able to change the filters in My Tasks and be able to see all tasks completed today? This was helpful to me to review the day at the end of day, and get some insights into how I spent my day. With the new Asana view of My Tasks and filtering, I seem to have lost the capability to see all tasks completed today. Is there some other way I can find this data? Thanks

Hi @manuj_gupta , I believe this is still possible in My tasks. I just tried and it worked, although it made me remove my filter for only incomplete tasks (makes sense).

It might be a better experience for you to create a saved search (go to search bar, select advanced search, look for tasks where assignee=you and completionDate=today, then star it). This way, you won’t have to keep changing your My task filters every time you want to see this list.

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Thanks for your response. When I change the filter to completed tasks, without any other filter, it shows me thousands of tasks without any particular logic. The only other filter is “Due Date” which is not helpful here as I may have completed tasks that were due in future/past and not today. Now of the thousands of tasks I see, if I sort by “None” it shows these thousands of tasks in no particular order. If I sort by “Completed On” it still tasks in some random order, which in my case is filled with tasks from April and May 2022 for some reason. I am unable to get the list of tasks completed today

I this the Saved Search option should work, but that is not available to me in the free version of Asana

@manuj_gupta - When you go to filter in My tasks, do you have the ability to add filters:

If not, maybe this is something not supported in the free plan? Apologies, I’m not too familiar with the different feature sets available on each plan (same goes for the saved search idea).

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Hello @manuj_gupta as Stephen pointed out you can set up filters.

Try to have “Group by” set to “None”

Then make sure that via the “customize” menu you have the field “completed on” enabled so it shows.

Then you should be able to work with filters such as seeing all completed tasks and then you can sort them per completion date in list view.

Note when this filter is enabled you won’t be able to also add the completed on filter additionally

Now the other way is to select no quick filter and only via the “add filter” select “completed on yesterday” so only these tasks will show.

Can you try if that works for you?

Thanks for your detailed responses. I recently enabled Premium version of Asana and see these additional filters now. I was able to set the filter on completed on. However, no tasks show up in the list based on any value of completed on. Perhaps it is an issue with my account?

Try to test it in a project. Complete a task then set the filter and this completed task should show.

When you checked this the filter was set to show all tasks not only incomplete ones correct? Often by default a filter might be set showing incomplete ones only and then when you filter based on the completed on date nothing shows due to this.

Are you sure the order is random? Or does it just look random because you’re only seeing the “Due Date”?

If you have access to the Customize control in the upper right hand corner, you should be able to to display the “Competed on” field and then you can sort by that - as I’ve done above. (And please don’t compare my completed dates to due dates or run any metrics thereon. :woman_facepalming: )

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