How do I view completed tasks

I have searched the forum and I cannot find how to view completed tasks or create a report for things done and completed.
Please advise

Thank you

Welcome, @Victoria_Strom,

If you’re on a paid Asana plan, click in the search box at the top of any Asana screen and

  • Select Recently completed tasks to see those, or
  • Select Advanced search and then click the Completed select box and add any other desired search parameters.



Hi Larry,

I had this same question; thanks for your answer. Just to be crystal-clear, viewing completed tasks is only possible with a paid Asana plan?


Welcome, @Kathy_Damas,

Not exactly…

Within a project, even in the free Asana plan you can filter to show completed tasks.

This answer was referring to the search box, looking across all tasks (in teams and projects); there it’s a paid feature to see recently completed tasks and other searches.



Ah, there it is, I see the filter feature now. Thank you for your help!


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