More effective meetings with row numbers

Have you ever found yourself in a meeting, trying to reference a specific task on the screen, and the task title was so long that you had difficulty making the participants understand which task you are talking about?

What if, instead, you could say something like -referring to task number 4… bla bla bla…-

Well, you can! There is an option in Asana that not everyone is aware of. Row numbers! And they are just a couple of clicks away from you.

activate task row numbers

In today’s online meetings day and era, efficient communication is even more critical to an effective meeting. Row numbers, as simple as they are, really make a difference. Activate them, and you’ll soon find yourself recommending them to the rest of your colleagues.

Hope this helps :wink:



It would even be better if you could decide this on a project level.


I agree with @Herve_Buisset , numbers usually bothers me except in some cases. But good idea still!

Is there a way to “wrap” the task name like in spreadsheets? Something I’d use.

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Nope, no such option is available.

Is there a way to show how many tasks are in each section of a project?

I believe you can do this with a dashboard. Have a look at the dashboard tab of the project.

Sounds great! Thank you for the tips!

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Hello @Heather_Hopkins

Confirming what Bastien mentioned above, below you can see we use the dashboard to report how many unresolved issues we have.

Also, if you don’t need that for reporting purposes but want a task total per section from the List view, activating row numbers will do that as rows are by default being counted by Section.

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Thank you!

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