Restore old row numbers

There was a recent change how row numbers work.

Before the change row numbers spanned as a single sequence from top to bottom for the whole list.

After the change row numbers start from 1 for each section.


In short this change destroyed our workflow.

We are relying on row number to quickly reference cards. For example we would say: Open card Business-16 or I moved card to 32 or I’m looking at 93

Referencing by row is essential for us during meetings. We have hundreds of cards and asana does not have any easy way to quickly identify cards. Row numbers was the only last way to do that efficiently.

Row numbers per section are almost useless as you also need to identify the section, but there is no easy way to identify sections.

Please return the single sequence row numbers for the whole list or let us choose it as an option.


Hi @Anton8 and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

Let me give you some context regarding this new behaviour:

  • Old Sections used to behave exactly like tasks in the back end, reason why they where consider in the Tasks row count.

  • Whit the transition to the new Data Model, Sections now behave as proper Sections and they are not considered in the task count. Since tasks are nested in Sections they start from 1 for each section.

We are aware some of our recent updates have disturbed some of our customers workflow and I’m sorry to hear it is affecting yours. On my end I’ll make sure to escalate your feedback to your Team.

Thank you again for sharing your feedback. I hope you have a great week!