Task row numbers

In a ‘recent’ update task row numbers have been changed to start with every section for a project. Is there a way we can have this changed so numbers do not reset with every section?


So in this case the section section should continue with number 4 and not start number 1 again.

Hi @neville and thanks for reaching out! This change happened with the new Sections we rolled out a while ago. I think the only way to come back to the previous behaviour is to sort your tasks (ex: by due date) and make sure “Sort within section” isn’t enabled in the Sort menu!

Hi Marie

Thanks for your reply - we cannot use sorting in this specific project (there are no due dates) so this change in task rows is complicating things. We have tried to work around it by naming the section + number but it’s strange.

Any plans at having this option of continuous number available again?

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