List View Sections Should Show Number of Tasks When Collapsed

It is very easy to overlook tasks if they aren’t assigned and hidden in a collapsed section in list view. it would be nice to see a number of incomplete tasks when the number is > 0 next to the section title when it is collapsed.

Welcome @Mark_Tenney and thanks for sharing this great feedback! Collapsable Sections are still very new so hopefully this is something we can implement in a future update! I’ll keep you posted in this thread as soon as I have an update!

Hi, I just wanted to chime in here and say that this would be so useful! Bonus points if it broke down how many were overdue.

For example:

Section 1 (3 tasks, 2 overdue)
Section 2 (6 tasks)
Section 3 (12 tasks, 1 overdue)

I primarily use this in ‘My Tasks’ and as I have a heap of tasks, I like to collapse the sections to make it easier to focus on what I’m currently working on, but it means I risk missing things unless I expand them all and check them.