Hide empty sections in list view

We use sections to manage tasks in different phases of a project. Even when all tasks in a phase are complete the section names remain on the list view.

It would be great if sections with no tasks under them (based on any filters that are applied) are hidden. For example if I am viewing ‘Incomplete tasks’ the section headings would be hidden if all tasks under them are done. However if I am viewing ‘All tasks’ or ‘All completed tasks’ the section heading would show.

I’ve looked at some of the other related requests and think they are not asking for the same thing although this one Mark Sections as Complete (in new spreadsheet List view) may also be solved by this suggestion.

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This is super interesting and hopefully something we could look into in the future! Please, don’t forget to upvote it (you just need to click on the vote button next to the title) :slight_smile:

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