Is it possible to hide sections that has no tasks to show when Filtered?

I’ve set my filter to only show Incompleted tasks and when I group them by sections, the sections with nothing to show is visible. Back then if I remember, these sections gets hidden if not necessary.

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Yes, @Jaro_Necesito, you can choose to show or hide empty sections like this:

And as with any change to a project’s settings, you may want to follow that change with saving that setting for all:




I don’t seem to have the ‘hide empty groups’ option, what am I missing?

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 11.12.33 am

Only certain of the choice types offer to hide empty groups. Two that offer it are single-select and mulit-select custom fields.

What are the types of your custom fields?

Hi @Sher , from your limited screenshot, I have a feeling you are in Board view, where it is not currently possible to hide empty groups, as you can do in List view, as per @lpb 's screenshot above.


Good catch, @Richard_Sather!