"COLLAPSE (or re-expand) ALL SECTIONS" button needed

I’ve written a program to handle stuff like this — I’ll get it packaged up in a Chrome extension and let ya know when it gets approved by Google.

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Thanks skyler

Interested to know as well!

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Is this extension available yet?

Not yet. Will update folks once it is. We’re trying to pack as much functionality into it as possible to resolve a lot of the issues folks have with Asana currently that Asana’s development team doesn’t have the time/resources to address themselves. Bear with us — we promise we’ll get it done faster than the 2+ years we’re all used to here though! :nerd_face:


:slight_smile: @Skyler . Thanks for your effort. As @Adamya mentioned It’s killing our work time without that button too. Please, keep us in the loop.

Hi, team. One more vote here for the ability to collapse all sections in one :computer_mouse: click. Thank you.