"COLLAPSE (or re-expand) ALL SECTIONS" button needed

Just jumping in the say this is a needed function. What has to happen to make collapse all available?

If you do the workaround and collapse all then save when you then try to filter for weekly task or by assignee they wont expand either. I think this is an area that needs some love from the Asana developers.

Is the addition of such a button (to collapse / expand all sections at once) in the plans? Personally, I do not understand why this very simple function was not added a long time ago by the Asana dev. team (and long before other features already present and less useful in my opinion).
Ps: the bookmark thing is nice thought, thank you for that. It doesn’t however re-expand the sections, but that is secondary, collapse-all is more important and it does just that.


Here’s the JS for bookmarklets that will:

  • Expand Sections and Tasks
  • Collapse Sections and Tasks
  • Expand Sections
  • Collapse Sections
  • Expand Subtasks
  • Collapse Subtasks

Thanks so much skyler. It works like a charm

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Glad to help. :raised_hands:

I was fortunate to e-meet Shun and find out about this feature he created and let me tell you! in the first hour of learning about it and spreading the word across my company, it has been the talk of the hour!
Thank you so much for sharing this, it is a life changer!!
Asana should implement this built-in to the system so that we can use this on the desktop app too.

Keep up the good work @ShunS


It would be helpful to have the ability to collapse all sections with one click or keyboard shortcut. This would give me a quick and clear overview when I’m trying to locate a task or section.

Building on this, also having a button/keyboard shortcut to show/collapse all subtasks might be useful.

Hi @Andy_L,

That’s a good one, just gave you my vote :+1:

I don’t have the solution to get this done with one click, but maybe the Save layout as default option might help you in some cases, it will remember the status of your sections (collapsed/expanded).

I personally use this feature often, just remember it saves the layout for everyone, not only for you.


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Appreciate your vote and input!

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Sorry, I actually went too fast, there are already two threads for this requests with many more votes :slight_smile:

@Emily_Roman or @Marie probably will merge yours with:


You might want to go ahead and add your vote there as well :slight_smile:

Take care,

Thank you, @Rosario_Messina! I went ahead and merged this post with "COLLAPSE (or re-expand) ALL SECTIONS" button needed to consolidate feedback. We don’t have immediate plans to implement this feature, but we will keep the main thread posted as soon as we have any news. Thanks for your feedback!

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Hi Emily,
We have recently initiated Asana as our company’s project management and work flow tool. I see this thread goes back to 2020 and currently there are no plans to implement this feature.
As great as Asana is at many aspects that aid workflow, I consider being able to toggle between fully expanded and fully contracted sections being quite a basic feature. I am surprised at some basic PM and scheduling features that seem to be missing from Asana but don’t want to mix threads so will keep on topic here. We are continually evaluating our decision to go with Asana based on these niggles. I hope this feedback adds another grain of weight to the many comments above to convince Asana to put some resources into developing this feature.
Kind regards,

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Would LOVE to have this feature!
We run some pretty robust fundraising campaigns, with a lot of actionable items. There’s so much scrolling to get to where I need to go :weary:

This functionality, with a keyboard shortcut, would be very helpful!


Is this feature available yet?

Please make this feature available!!!