Moving Projects Between Workspaces/Organizations

Export the project as CSV, then on the new workspace create a new project then import the CSV.

Kothar is good for one move, but it would be nice to sync it all the time, while working in cooperation for example :slight_smile:

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Landed here trying to make a personal workspace because personal projects don’t allow for things like tags.

Rather than using a 3rd party tool I was able to move things over by Exporting my personal project to a CSV. Then in a newly created workspace creating a project and importing from CSV. Worked pretty well.


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Just be aware that the Asana project export limits the number of lines of CSV output (may not output the whole project’s tasks/subtasks) and also doesn’t export/import Comments, for example. That’s why Kothar is needed often.


Asana how is it still not a thing that when you click on “My tasks” you can’t see those in your “Personal Projects” and Organisational workspace at the same time? This thread gives work arounds but surely this needs to be a development item?

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HI @Sharon_Smart, this is a slightly different topic, you can vote for it here: Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces - #9 by James_Hale

And you can find some tips (including third party integration allowing you to see all your tasks in one place here: Yourself in multiple organisations - #45 by Christian_Rodriguez

Hope this helps!

One way to do it is by exporting the project file in CSV and importing it into the new Workspace or Organization. The downside is that you lose the comments and timestamps of the legacy project.


That’s probably the easiest workaround if it’s just one project. I really don’t understand why they wouldn’t make this possible. It honestly can’t be that hard to do… and it would help with anyone who’s a GTDer to switch to Asana…


I think the best approach to maintain the most data is:


Yes, you made a good point

Hi @Michael_A,
Is this the same process I would follow if I have a client that would like to transfer our project over to her own Asana account (we’re currently using mine) after we’ve finished working together?
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Hi @Bella_Foxwell,

It is, but note that there is a new and improved version of Kothar which you can find here:

when I right-click, don’t get the COPY option…
I just get these ones:

(in english: mark as finished, close details, open in new tab, duplicate task, copy link, delete task)

I DON’T LIKE 3rd party website ( solution ! YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH RISK YOU ARE EXPOSING DUE TO GIVING ACCESS TO YOUR ACCOUNT toward 3rd party website (whoever knows the developer, hosting or hackability of that website).

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4 and a half years later and still no solution from Asana? @Emily_Roman @Rebecca_McGrath ?

I manage different projects (websites) and a couple got moved to a different client. I need those projects associated to those sites in a different workspace.

I completely agree with @Toma_Todua , I really don’t like the idea of a third party getting access to my account.

Is this being worked on? really shouldn’t be that hard to solve, right?

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The page now says:

The original tool on this page is no longer functional due to changes in the Asana API


This is the successor tool, by the same author:

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@Phil_Seeman what is your take on the privacy issue?
@Emily_Roman @Rebecca_McGrath, could you give some input?

It’s true that when you grant access to any third-party tool or app, you’re giving them access to your Asana data so you need to trust them. In this case, I do trust Kothar - Mike has been around the Asana ecosystem for years and personally I don’t worry about this utility. YMMV.

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Like Phil, I vouch for Ditto/Kothar/Michael too. And I vouch for Phil/Flowsana as well.

But I sure wish Asana would permit more granular auth; perhaps you’d add your comment to this old thread of mine: