Moving Projects Between Workspaces/Organizations


Same. Which is REALLY bad news for me. I have no idea what else to do.


Hi @Balagur and @shelley; Kothar has fixed this issue and is now operating normally!


He did, but now it’s having other issues. It won’t create sub tasks.


Hi @shelley and thanks for reporting this issue! I see you have also reported this issue on the Kothar homepage , so hopefully it will be resolved soon :crossed_fingers:t3:


@Marie thanks for the update!
I found a workaround through exporting to CSV and then creating a project via importing CSV. That has its limitations though, but worked.


Is it possible to transfer tasks and projects from one workspace to another?


Many have used this third party utility including myself with good results.


Export the project as CSV, then on the new workspace create a new project then import the CSV.


Kothar is good for one move, but it would be nice to sync it all the time, while working in cooperation for example :slight_smile:


Hi All,

Landed here trying to make a personal workspace because personal projects don’t allow for things like tags.

Rather than using a 3rd party tool I was able to move things over by Exporting my personal project to a CSV. Then in a newly created workspace creating a project and importing from CSV. Worked pretty well.



Just be aware that the Asana project export limits the number of lines of CSV output (may not output the whole project’s tasks/subtasks) and also doesn’t export/import Comments, for example. That’s why Kothar is needed often.