Share Projects Across Workspaces for Work Management



One of the downside of the Asana structure is that an individual can’t aggregate their Inbox across workspaces. Other threads have asked the same question…

The suggestion here is that a user/project manager can share the project across to other Workspaces or Organisations. In the a similar way that you can Add a Task to Multiple Projects.

In doing this a user can have access to all projects that they are meant to work on from a single Workspace with security around the project visibility and task visibility determine who in the actual workspace can see or work on the project or tasks.

This could potentially allow a project sit across multiple workspaces and even between an organisation and one or more workspaces, enabling a user to work solely in the one space.

Interested to see if this suggestion could assist other users…



I definitely agree that is a great idea! As a consultant, it would help me a lot.