Share Projects Across Workspaces/Org for Work Management

I would agree with all here. I dread it when our clients use asana too, as inevitably they want to host in their workspace as it’s inconvenient otherwise. I find this to big biggest fail from Asana to date.


Another vote. This is a must for service businesses collaborating with clients or partners who also have Asana accounts. Desperately needed functionality.

The lack of this feature is one of the BIGGEST obstacles to my work. At my organization, we regularly work with another organization and have shared projects. It is extremely challenging to manage tasks and projects in two separate workspaces. On top of this I also have to manage email and Slack. It’s too much.

We are invested in Asana, but if I were making a decision about which system to go with today, I would choose a different system that makes this possible – because it’s just that difficult to manage due to this problem.

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I have just spent the entire morning trying to figure this out and am now very disappointed to see it is not currently possible!

I totally agree with all of the previous comments!

I am a consultant who collaborates with other organizations on projects. I cannot believe there is not an options to share a project or invite people from other organizations to a team - especially if they are also using Asana!

Looks like (until this feature is developed) I have to switch between organizations to see separate do-do lists and calendars and then try and remember them all and keep track of them in my head to resolve priorities and conflicts (yikes)!

Please, please add this feature!


+1 on this need. We deal with quite a few vendors and would love to be able to force them to sign up for an Asana subscription so we can assign tasks/projects and manage progress.


I think this is an excellent idea. I work for a PR frim and we have to create a publication calendar for each client many of whom use asasna as well. I would be great if the workplace could be shared across multiple organizations.


Yes!! We need this so bad. We partner with other organizations on projects and I run 2 businesses with Asana, it’s my one major frustration with Asana, I’ve actually considered switching to another platform for this but it pains me to even think because it’s so great otherwise, but there’s no way I can keep managing between multiple accounts

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We need this very badly, when you are working with multiple companies whom have connected projects it defeats the purpose of streamlining when you have to either duplicate tasks or projects, or have multiple work spaces open.

Hoping Asana will resolve this issue and companies will be able to share projects without creating new guest users.


Agreed, I’m having to duplicate projects and tasks across workspaces. Would be great to consider how this works if you work across various teams or if you manage projects for multiple clients but the client want it in their system.

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Within an agency setting there may be agency partners or 3rd party resources that are working on the same project(s) or team, just different aspects.

As with tasks can sit within many projects, it would be very helpful to allow projects to sit within other workspaces so people don’t have to switch workspaces or log out/in between them, but rather, see all notifications within their current Asana.

Switching in and out of workspaces is cumbersome and creates inefficiencies. (Profile - Getz_Pro - Asana Community Forum, Profile - Richard_Getz - Asana Community Forum, Profile - Richard_Getz1 - Asana Community Forum, Profile - Richard_Getz2 - Asana Community Forum)

Really appreciate this being given some consideration. Would also lead to more accounts as I would upgrade this workspace to the level highest amongst my clients.

Hi @Getz_Pro and thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We already have thread on this topic (Share Projects Across Workspaces/Org for Work Management), so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Marie. Good news is this is for sure a feature many others want. The bad news is, this is from 2018 and no effort from Asana to address this. Much like archiving teams. :frowning:

I am an independent contractor and have multiple clients/projects. Typically I create a project for each client and only I have access to it (i.e. client does not).

However, one of my clients also has an Asana account and added me as a collaborator to their workspace/project. I can access their workspace by clicking my image in top right and it takes me to them… however I want to see if there is a way to integrate their project/workspace into my workspace.

Ideally I could see it as one of my projects in the black bar on the left side…and I could also have it integrate in with all of my overall tasks for all of my projects so I can plan out my tasks for a specific day that encompasses all of my projects (rather than having to hop to theirs to see my tasks in their workspace, then back to mine to see everything else and try to prioritize) .

I want it to update in realtime (i.e. if they click something as done or change a timeline in their project, it will sync to my version of the project in my Asana). I know I can “import” their project, but I am not sure if they will still be linked and will update to both workspaces.

Thank you!

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Hi @Jen_Rost, welcome to the forum!

It’s currently not possible to share projects between Workspaces. You can certainly move the project from your client’s account to your Workspace and then invite your client to work with you in your Workspace. This will allow you to have everything in one place.

We have an existing feature request in the forum related to this topic, I’ve gone ahead and merged your thread with: Share Projects Across Workspaces/Org for Work Management to centralize feedback!

Let me know if you have any questions!

This needs more visibility. It solves a real problem. As a consultant many we use shared Slack channel’s across orgs, and it’s work very well. The current workflow is painful for anyone who collaborates across multiple workspaces.

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This would be a game changer, not being able to manage my work in a single space is frustrating. I also have a real need to manage a single portfolio projects which are in two different organizations.

+1 more vote here for some sort of integration option (even just mirroring/syncing two separate projects to appear as one would do). My particular client space includes capital investment groups that are constantly buying, improving, and selling companies so there is almost always the point where a company will spin off and need some sort of migration (logically or otherwise), which introduces another thing to think about in this feature creation…

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Completely agree! I love the Shared Channels feature of Slack, I would love the ability to share teams, projects, tasks across orgs. using Asana so there can be a collaborative workspace that you can all work in simultaneously.


+1, very important feature :slightly_smiling_face:

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With the increase in virtual teams and adoption of things like shared slack channels, this feature has become nearly a MUST HAVE. (Maybe it IS a must-have)

Is there any roadmap this exists on or internal update on this? Is it being taken seriously? Dashboards and Portfolios and stuff have been AWESOME but I would have taken this feature first by a mile.