Share Projects Across Workspaces/Org for Work Management

Hi @Marie ,

Thank you for the welcome and the information. I’m wondering if there is any update to this type of integration? I’ve been following it for some time now and it does seem that many people are interested in this feature.

Would love to know if this is in the works or if there is a suggested workaround to alleviate collaborators from having to sign in and out of multiple asana accounts to view a shared project managed through one organization’s account.


HI @Sadie_Kadlec,

This isn’t our short term plans, but definitely something we will continue to consider as it is a popular request among our community.

Ac couple of things that might help in the meantime:

  • Bare in mind that you can link several Asana workspaces and Organisations to your account, allowing you to easily switch between these spaces without having to sign-out/sign-in again.
  • You could also check out Unito, a third-party integration that allows you to manage cross-company projects!

@Emily_Roman @Marie Hi ladies! I have an education company where we want to share our Project templates we’ve created with our clients to duplicate and have in their own asana workspace. We have a high volume of clients so accessing everyone’s Asana workspace isn’t what we need- we just want to be able to share the template for them to duplicate. I know you can download it as a csv file and they can upload that but it always comes out a little wonky and anytime a change is made to the template, that csv file is old. What are your suggestions as of right now? Thanks guys!

Just adding another vote here. The same way that we work with this in Slack with clients… it can help out a TON!

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Is this being implemented yet?? This should be of highest priority, it’s becoming a major barrier for me to collaborate with other companies I work with and discouraging the use of asana in preference of slack or, worse yet, email. Pleaaaase help us!! Count me in for 10000000000000 votes!

This is a MUST HAVE. Having to log in across various Asana accounts is a massive ballache!

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Just want to point out that 2+ years later, this is still one of my top wants from Asana. All the reporting stuff has been great… but cross-org collaboration is still a pain. Even with Unito.

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This would be a HUGE addition to Asana. Please consider!