Privacy settings and search are coming soon to Portfolios

We are excited to let you know that privacy and search are coming to Portfolios! This means you will be able to select whether you want to make a Portfolio private or public, and search for public Portfolios. This change will take place on November 26th.

Some important things to keep it in mind:

  • On Nov. 13th all Portfolios will have the option to be private or public.
  • Today, you can share Portfolios at any time with your teammates in Asana or add them as Portfolio Members. On November 13th, all existing Portfolios will default to private, unless the Portfolio owner marks it as public.
  • As a Portfolio owner, you will soon see a top bar in your Portfolio with an option to Keep Public when privacy launches. Once you take action on the banner, it will disappear and means you have already made the Portfolio public. After November 13th, you will see privacy settings in the Portfolios Membership screen.
  • To keep access to the Portfolios you see today, we recommend you become a member of Portfolios you visit.

Let us know any questions and we hope you enjoy this update!

Happy Wednesday everyone :slight_smile:


Howdy @Marie and sorry for the rookie question here! But does this public/private thing mean that, when it’s public, people who are NOT assigned to the portfoltio’s constituent projects will still be able to see those particular projects progress stats?

When Portfolio’s first came out I was excited because I thought “hey this is a perfect way to show OKR’s etc to the rest of the company without them being added in each individual project”. But then I quickly realized that even if you share a Portfolio with someone they CAN’T see all the projects progress in that Portfolio unless they’re ALSO added to each individual project (which kind of defeats of the purposes of sharing the portfolio with them in the first place haha) :frowning:

Will this new public/private feature solve that? Sounds like it I think.

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Hi @Sam_Leahey and no worries at all, that’s a great question!

This update isn’t going to change anything in terms of project visibility. So if the projects in your Portfolio are private to project member, you will still need to be a project member to see updates from this project in your Workload. The difference with this new update has to do with privacy at the Portfolio level. At the moment, Portfolios are public however they’re not searchable. This means, you can only access them via their URL if it has been shared with you (the URL is public), but that you can’t search this URL. SO what we’re doing with this update is giving you the ability to search for Portfolio and to control who can access them (just like for project).

Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Gotcha gotcha.

So I guess I’m wondering the same thing as when I first saw Portfolio’s come out. How come there’s no place that gives everyone in the company a high level dashboard of everything? Right now you have to make a seperate project for this it seems :frowning: Is this the ultimate future intent of Portfolio’s?


Are there also going to be permission levels? Specifically around deleting portfolios, this is a big miss!


Marie - Appreciate very much the development of Portfolios and the public vs private settings. My question regarding portfolios however has to do with the projects that are a part of a single portfolio. Currently, projects are added one by one. Has there been any consideration to have all of the active (unarchived) projects associated with a TEAM be an option for pulling in projects rather than adding them one by one (which is what I am currently doing)? Also, is there a limit to the number of projects that can be in a portfolio?

Not just yet @Barbara_Schroeder, but if you haven’t yet, I’d recommend adding your vote to this #productfeedback Portfolio: Add All of a Teams' Projects at Once

You can add up to 250 projects to your Portfolio (

Hope this helps!!

Plus one on Sam’s post. We’d like to grant high level visibility to firm management, department members, etc via portfolios without adding everyone to each project.

@Sam_Leahey, @Tricia_Stephens-Adam, could you please create a new #productfeedback thread to allow other community members to support your idea? While your comments are most welcome here, it is not ideal to keep track of votes and follow-ups, @ #productfeedback thread would be a lot better :slight_smile:

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My portfolio became public. How do I go back and change it to private?

I am wondering the same thing! Even from a Team level there is no pace to get comprehensive view on where all the open projects are. Including all the custom fields. We have project level fields, and grouping items, that help us organize them. The only view it seems that you can see these custom fields them is in Portfolios, but with how the permissions work its still a limited view.

I honestly would love to click on my team, and then see a customizable dashboard. Where I can add fields to be visible to anyone at the permission level. Then also see their corresponding portfolio. Form the team page. Then maybe go up some levels in the organization too.

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I don’t believe that the Privacy Settings are working as intended. I have several portfolios set to ‘Public to [My Workspace]’ but my other team members cannot see these from the Portfolios tab. :frowning_face:

Hi @Cheyenne_R,

Public Portfolio should be discoverable to your team via the Advanced Search (providing they know at least one keyword), otherwise you would need to share the Portfolio URL with them. Once they’ve accessed it, they will be able to favorite it by clicking on the little star next to the Portfolio title; it will then be available within their Portfolio tab! Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!