[Portfolio] Make possibility to create portfolio`s dasboards based on selected teams/projects

Currently Portfolio`s dashboards can be used only with a projects within the portfolio. It makes such dasboards very limited to use (almost useless in some cases).

What I want is to add posibility to create dashboards in the portfolio based on selected teams/projects. Just like usual dashboards.
I need it because:

  1. You cannot add custom dashboards to the portfolio
  2. As a QA Team lead I need to monitor QA dashboards but they are connected to the whole Team. But in our QA Portfolio I cannot create such “whole” dashboards.
  3. Every dashboard is “closed” by default. And you need to add people there manually which is frustrating a lot. If I can create “whole” dashboards in QA portfolio, I can easily share this portfolio to the Team.

Please add this simple feature, it will make my Asana life better =)