How best to manage prep/follow up for client visits and related

New to Asana. Did the basics and team rollout Webinars, which were great!

Wondering the best way to set and manage prep and follow up for client visits. We are a small membership organization and I am planning to meet with a dozen-plus of our members is 2022 Q1. I’ve created a New Member Visits Checklist in Asana with sections, tasks and subtasks, as well as assignees. Does it make sense to use this as a project template and then duplicate it for each member visit, updating the deadlines along the way? Or is there a better way to approach this? TIA for any help you might provide!

Hi @Molly_Henry, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

I’d say creating a Project Template and using this template to create each new project will work really well and will also save you a lot of time. You can find more information about Project Templates here.

We also have some tips in our Forum on how to work with clients directly in Asana:

Last but not least, I’m adding our Partners - Forum Leaders here @pforumleader as they are also experts working with clients and hopefully can share some tips!

Welcome, @Molly_Henry, and thanks, @Emily_Roman for the good answer and invitation to reply.

All those links are great ones to follow-up on.

For the new member checklist, the use of a project template may be the right way to go, but I wouldn’t yet rule out the use of a task template for that purpose. Perhaps the checklist as a task template but an ongoing project for each client, either based off a project template if they’re all similar or not, is a thought.

More generally, I address some of these questions here if you’re interested: