Project Management Best Practices + Tips

Hey Asana Fam!

I’m creating some templates in Google Drive to be used in conjunction with Asana in terms of project planning and project execution.

In my template pack,
I’m including:

  • Project Management Plan
    *Project Overview Brief
    *Requirements Tracker
    *Lessons Learned Template
    *Risk Management Tracker

What other items do you think would be useful?

I also will be taking elements from the PM Plan and PM overview to set up a Project Templates


Hi @Ashley_Shuler, thanks for reaching out to our Community!

I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #usecases category to make it more discoverable for those who want to share their tips! :star2: I hope you don’t mind!

I realize too that the Project Brief feature can be used as well. How are clients utilizing this feature?

Thank you so much!

Any thoughts on creating a stakeholder register?

Yes @Kelly_Williams1 → depending on the complexity - yes, that’s a great best practice. I have developed one in Google sheets and have it in a Google Doc Project Management Plab


@Ashley_Shuler are you sharing the resources you created? I’m looking for similar and would love to see how you designed it.