Project Brief Templates

Something one of my engineers brought up is having a template in the project overview tab, specifically for project briefs.

My engineers do working sessions with customers and will have to create a project brief from scratch, or house the template somewhere else, copy/paste and have to format from there.

It would be cool if the project brief had “drag and drop” templates that can be created and edited within the new project templates 2.0.


I agreee! In the project I later converted into a template, I created a project brief and entered text to be a template for our team. But when I converted the project to the template, the project brief didn’t carry over. :sob:

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Yes! We have tables of standard information that must be filled out for every project, and the project template doesn’t carry over any information in the project brief.

This is indeed a pity, :sob:
We just started the implementation of Asana and have to create dozens of project with project briefs that contain a standard and thus having the brief in the template would reduce the effort for creating new projects and would facilitate the acceptance of the especially in the initial phase.

I like this idea.

Depending on the brief style, I sometimes create an asana form as a brief feeding into an intake project all briefs and then either convert to a project (keeping the link to original brief) or then homing the task to the correct projects.

I hope there is movement on this, seems like such an obvious miss