Include Key resources /Project Brief in project template

The possibility to include a standard layout for the Project Brief in a project template would be great. Every project you create from a specific template then has the same project brief that can be filled out. That would be extremely helpful to standardize available/mandatory information across all projects of similar types.


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Yes, That will be really great, and also a feature when copying from the template is whether the user wants to copy the project brief or not!


Hi all - Is it possible to create a template of the Project Brief that you can use across Projects?

It would be great to be able to customize the “Suggest Content” sections. Thanks.


Hello @Keith_OBrien

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This is a very good point. At this moment, you cannot create project brief templates.

I have added 2 links for you to keep an eye on:

  1. Asana Guide on Project Briefs
  1. Forum announcements regarding product updates:
    Introducing Project Overview, Project Brief, and Messages

Having said that, there is a product vote entry you on this topic. I suggest you upvote it.
hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Rashad_Issa!

I’ve gone ahead and merged this thread with the existing feature request to consolidate feedback. We’ll update the main thread if we have plans to implement this in the future! Thanks for your feedback!

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As a temporary work around it works to go into your template project and edit the project brief. Select all the formatting and copy it. Paste it into the Project Brief in the new project and la voila :slight_smile:

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Really, not just the brief, but all the attachments and other details should copy over. Why would I add those items to a template if I don’t want them carried over to every project made from that template? It seems really arbitrary what carries over and what doesn’t.

Our team could specifically use a project brief template, but other attachments would be useful too.

Hi everyone,

I’m also really interesed by this feature which seems coherent with last features included in December update for Dashboard.

Hope Asana Dev Team will take our need in consideration to include Brief into template process in order let us save time at project creation.

Best regards

I agree–this feature is critical for our team. Without it, I’m only saving marginal time by using the template. I really hope to see this feature come to fruition soon.


Hello, is there an update on this topic yet please?

When you make a project from a template, it seems as though the whole Project Overview page copies over except the Key Resources.

I would like Key Resources to copy over when I make a project from a template that includes resources :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback @Justine_D, this is something we heard from other customers too and that we will consider for future updates! I’ll update this thread as soon as I have some news on this topic!


This would be a very useful feature.

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I agree with this suggestion. Many of our users utilize key resources to attached templates of work that is transferable to other projects for use. This feature would be nice so that users are not having to re-link resources to each new project created.

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Dear Marie,

The idea of Justine_D will be very helpful for us.
Thank you to consider it.

So just wondering if this update has progressed at all. I spent ages pulling together Key Resources for a Template and now they don’t save across. Seems like a simple fix. What’s the status pleas?


This feature would be a game changer for our organization! Please do consider making this update.


Bumping up this feature request, this seems like great idea and I would use it right away.

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Backing up this feature request, this would be a huge time saver for our team.

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