Include Key resources /Project Brief in project template

I agree, this would be extremely useful as my division have 4x project types which require different project templates, and different ‘key resources’.


Bumping this thread! The logic on Project Templates’ Overview pages is super wonky!

How we’ll collaborate - this is the field used as the template description in the template chooser (1 line of text, no option to expand in chooser), but other information included in this field (owner of updates, frequency, etc.) seem like they wouldn’t need to be included in template chooser but definitely copied over to new projects

Project roles - should be able to choose whether to A) keep template roles or 2) delete template roles & set project creator as new Owner (currently original template creator is owner of new project iirc)

Key resources - this should 100% be carried over from template to new project, ASAP. To my mind, there is no logical reason why the meat of a project description, scope, background, etc. created from a template would be deleted from template to new project. Without this transferable, I’m tempted to just duplicate the project rather than make it a template (which causes me to lose the adaptive deadlines feature) :expressionless:

Milestones - these autosync, but question: if the project brief in the template had the milestones widget, would the whole project brief be deleted in the new project, or would just the widget remain?

Goals - you could make the case either way. I think, like with Project Roles, you should be able to choose whether goals transfer from template to new project.


I agree, this is a great feature request because it allows consistency and relevant / contextualized information for the templates!

I think my team would use this to keep our service agreement template in so that our conference planners have quick access to what we are agreeing to for the specific ops package we’re doing.

Alternatively (bandaid for now), I think it’d work to have a task(s) with the relevant file(s) attached in the template. This could be an actual task to “review this key resource” or a reference task. This works until more files come… but that is another conversation.


I would love to see this as well! It would make the function of project templates a lot more usable and save a lot of time for us in setting up new projects. I hope this is being worked on!

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Yes, really can’t wait for this to be implemented (carrying key resources over), it’s really annoying not having this fucntionality in the new template approach.


I agree. Being able to add key resources to a template “Overview” tab would be extremely useful. I can’t wait for this feature!

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Would be great to hear an update on this, seems to be a critical piece of functionality to include when using Asana to follow SOPs.


A little sad to see no updates on this after two years — for templated content projects, it would be great to carry over key resources that’ll always be needed (strategy guide, style guide, etc.)

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The only thing missing in the template functionality now is the ability to set up a default Project Brief. It is time consuming to have to recreate this for each and every project. Project description is in the default, but it is not useful to us. @asana is there any update on this functionality?


When building out a template project for the teams template section I do not see the ability to create a project brief within the template. I do see the project description summary section, but am strictly looking to build our specific project briefs for each type of project template our team utilizes.

The area I am looking in currently for the project brief section (2 screenshots)

This is a project template that has not been converted to “template” yet, but what I am looking for in the actual template section to have.


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